Parking for the State Theatre is available at all of the City of Uniontown parking garages, lots and metered spaces. Parking charges may apply.

We recommend the parking garage behind the State Theatre on the corner of Gallatin Avenue and Penn Street.  This is a paid lot. Just take a ticket at the entrance gate and park. Before returning to your vehicle, pay for your ticket at the pay station located on the first floor of the parking garage along the Gallatin Avenue side of the building. Then you may easily exit the lot.

There are many private lots in downtown Uniontown.  During regular business hours of Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM these lots cannot be used by State Theatre patrons. Please respect our downtown businesses by adhering to their parking lot policies. If they do not allow evening parking, please do not park there.

On Gallatin Avenue, the State Theatre owns four parking spaces marked as permit only.

Two of these are handicapped parking, and two more are general parking. These spaces MAY be used during regular business hours by State Theatre patrons who are making ticket purchases or inquiries.

Free 20 minute parking is available on Main Street during regular business hours.

Parking time is enforced by the City of Uniontown.

Handicapped Parking

The parking garage behind the State Theatre is handicapped accessible. Two spaces are marked on Gallatin Avenue as State Theatre permit handicapped parking.

Please, never park in the fire lane in front of
the State Theatre

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